EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an effective tool for recovering from traumas big and small, troubling patterns, and overwhelming experiences.  I am a Certified EMDR Therapist–I have many years of training and experience in this.

​Single incident traumas like car accidents, repetitive traumas like living through war, and relational traumas can leave painful reminders that become trapped in the brain and body.  You may feel fearful, angry or on edge, unsafe even when no longer in danger.  You may experience disconnected images, sensations, negative beliefs, behaviors and emotions that don’t match up with what is happening in the present moment.  Anxiety, intense anger, fear, relationship problems, chronic illness, pain, and dissociation are just some of the effects of unresolved trauma.

EMDR is a highly effective way to treat trauma.  Using bilateral stimulation, we work with the brain’s natural ability to move your whole self towards healing.  Accessing supportive resources for you, tapping into your innate wisdom, and learning from your trauma, support you as we then work to find healthy completion and integration of the information stuck in the neural networks of your brain and in the fight/ flight/ freeze experience of your body.

EMDR furthermore helps heal the multi-layered wounds and challenges that come from chronic relational trauma and neglect.  We will address personal resource development, use EMDR to resolve specific traumas, and together help you understand your healing process and integrate your new knowledge, awareness and capacities.

EMDR is an evidence-based modality that has helped many people transform their trauma experiences.  While we can’t undo past trauma itself, we can help you put your trauma experience in the past so you’re not reliving it in your mind and body in the present moment.  We’ll also help you discover the strengths you’ve had all along, and develop new strengths and resources.