It is often during difficult times that people come to psychotherapy.  These times may feel overwhelming or not; either way, we come because we hope that feelings, motivations, relationships or circumstances can be different–that life can have more ease.

My approach to psychotherapy comes out of my training in Somatic Psychology, which is based on the premise that the mind and body are interconnected.

As a therapist, I provide a supportive space that honors and welcomes every part of your experience with compassion and respect.  I will collaborate with you, to help you get more of your needs met so that you may live a more empowered life.  Together we will explore vulnerable feelings and old wounds that may play out as self-injurious patterns in daily life, and creating healthier actions.

​You can expect me to be kind, clear and honest in my approach.  I will ask a lot of questions to help you examine your underlying beliefs and to help you more deeply know yourself.  I will also use more somatically-based tools such as mindfulness meditation and body awareness.  Learning more about what you do and how you do it can help you make choices about how you want to be in your life.

​Psychotherapy can take many forms, from exploring issues around intimacy, to looking at unwanted behaviors, to grieving unacknowledged losses.  Each session brings with it great potential for new insights–in the service of leading a more empowered life.

Together we will co-create a space where all the parts of you are welcome.  Let’s get curious about your experience.

I appreciate that the process of finding the right therapist can be challenging.  Let’s see what’s possible.